Updates from “Once Alcoholics” @ MADYAMUKTHI

We “once alcoholics” at MADYAMUKTHI are very ordinary people like many of you, but we have experienced the nadir of human dignity. Nevertheless, we are proud that we left our wayward habit or say alcoholism for the sake of ourselves, our family and society. And, we do take an immense pleasure in bringing up many an alcoholic into our own fold – “once alcoholics” of MADYAMUKTHI. We are highly successful in this endeavor. It was around 120 “once alcoholics” at the time of hosting our website, in June 2016. Now, it is just a few days less than 6 months from then, but we are 165 “once alcoholics”. Statistics gives a 37.5 % rise in 6 months and if we make it for a year, it is 75% growth. Success rates at de-addiction centers may or may not match our numbers. But, please note that our de-addiction support is mostly without medicines and without any expense to alcoholics. All we do is to meet every day and share our past and present – the welcome differences we have in our present life devoid of Alcohol.  Sharing is MADYAMUKTHI‘s one and only mantra and it works wonders. This mantra is time and again tested by us as well as many others.

With the numbers of “once alcoholics” swelling, our venues of  meetings also increased. The new MADYAMUKTHI meeting venues are at a) Cheriapally, Kurichy Outpost, b) MGM Church, Njaliakuzhy, c) Kochumon’s House, d) Parunthumpara Junction and e) St Joseph’s Cathedral, Shastri Road.

Apart from giving leadership to MADYAMUKTHI meetings, Mamachan Sir and his team of social workers are busy with awareness programs against Alcohol and Drug Abuse and other struggles to build an alcohol-free world. In last 6 months, they have conducted awareness programs at following places – a) Orthodox Valiapally, Kurichy, b) Orthodox Church, Kuzhimattom, c) Residents Association, Parippu, d) St. Johns Orthodox Church, Kangazha, and e) MD Seminary High School, Kottayam.

Four out of the above 5 programs were jointly promoted by Malankara Orthodox Church of Kerala. We thank and congratulate Orthodox Church for treading a similar path as ours in the fight against Alcohol.   Orthodox Church is also conducting a meeting on Alcohol Prohibition from 3:00 PM, on 11th Dec 2016 at Puthuppally Valiapally.  Yohannan Mar Diascoros, an Orthodox bishop of Kottayam has sent a special message to his churches about this meeting, emphasizing the need to abstain from alcohol and the necessity to reform those who are under the grip of alcohol and drugs.

This is a short status on the work of MADYAMUKTHI since the time our site is launched.

Keep watching our site for more updates.