An interesting Outcome, a noble Twist and a Turn

MADYAMUKTHI family had a get together this Christmas at Mandirams, Manganam. Around 100 families of once alcoholics came together to attend talks on topics relevant to them. Talks were followed by a sumptuous lunch. Post lunch, there was a group discussion for “once alcoholics” and their spouses.

Participants of group discussion were divided into 4 groups. The first three groups and Prof Mamachen Sir had three topics to discuss. Topics were quite common, but there was an interesting outcome and a noble twist.

1. Attitude towards Children

Almost all said that we are taking care of children; we love our children and children reciprocate the same. Good to hear! Many thanks to MADYAMUKTHI.

Group Discussion - 2016 ChristmasA peculiar case was also discussed, that reflects the adage “Like Father like Son “or rather “History Repeats in Cycles “. Father is a “once alcoholic” and now his son is an Alcoholic. Alcoholism runs in genes! Not so Sure. Here, the point of ponder is “What should we do to make our children learn from our mistakes instead of repeating our mistakes?

Probably, we should continue doing what we were doing now – Love our children and share our witness. May be… More often with More Passion.

2. Attitude towards Friends

Group Discussion 2 - 2016 ChristmasFriends of the past are shady and the new ones are angels. We avoid our old friends by telling some excuses. If we get in touch with them, they may force us back to our old ways.

A Volley of questions from Mamachen Sir – “Are you Afraid? Don’t you have faith in yourselves? “aimed directly at one’s ego. Then changed the tone of answers – Yeah! We should try to change them… After all, they were our buddies… We will speak to them for sure.

The key take away was “once MADYAMUKTHI talked to us. So, we lead a reformed and happy life. Now, we are MADYAMUKTHI and MADYAMUKTHI stands for “Freedom from Alcohol”. Let us do our little bit against Alcohol individually as well as collectively. “

3. Attitude towards Nature.

All points discussed on this topic had the shades of MADYAMUKTHI philosophy. We are part of web of life, we can’t have a secluded existence. Sustenance and Happiness can only be achieved by sharing and caring.

children - 2016 ChristhmasWhile Mamachen Sir and the first 3 groups were having serious discussions, Pratheesh and Dr. Alice were engaging with the naughtiest of all – the children’s group. We call them naughty, because children are naughty and they ought to be naughty. But again, don’t write off these kids. They have moved mountains.

There was a 5-year-old in that group. She spoke to, not one, but three priests, one after another, seeking help to save her father from Alcohol. The three priests hardly hadn’t any option but to heed to her call. What not they did not do? I don’t know or perhaps the narrator too… But, her father is a changed man, a “once alcoholic” and part of MADYAMUKTHI.

Salil Rawji
For A Good Start