Freedom from Alcohol – A New Beginning

Saying No to Alcohol is a big decision and a great achievement. Attending MADYAMUKTHI meetings; promising not to take alcohol anymore on every single day and sharing witness to alcoholics & fellow beings should be the way of life of every “once alcoholic”.

But, Is that all? No! it is Not. It is just a beginning for a noble journey called life. To continue and to complete this journey meaningfully, there are certain fundamental truths to cling to. These truths are very basic that they will not change from person to person, religion to religion or community to community. It is applicable to all human beings. I am trying to explain these truths in our context.

A Time to Payback

Alcoholism has stolen a large part of your personal and social life. Now, that you have achieved freedom from alcohol, it is time to get back on track.

You ought to enjoy life to its fullest. At the same time, you should payback your family who with their patience and prayers stood by you all through the difficult times. You also have friends who supported in your endeavor against alcohol and brethren still in the clutches of alcohol. You have obligation towards them as well. You are a part of the nature. To pay back your dues to mother nature follow the mantra : reduce, recycle, reuse .

Small is Beautiful

Man, is in a constant battle with nature to extract its resources and to increase his comfort. Irony is if he wins the battle, he will lose the war. But we have a choice –  either to go with Bigger the Better or with Small is Beautiful approach.

In Bigger the Better approach, we can consume mother earth’s natural resources (e.g. fossil fuels) in any rate to create plenty or surplus. Here, we are consuming our natural resources, the capital which we have not created. We are only creating the technology to harvest it. We are depriving the valuable resources for future generations.

But, in Small is Beautiful approach, we should not be consuming something which we have not created or something which will not get replenished. The consumption should be from local resources for local needs in the most rational way by using user friendly and  ecologically suitable technology applicable to the scale of the community.

Smell your Sweat – Let us produce

Let us enjoy the fruits of your sweat.

We Work… Earn for our family… and Lead a happy life.  We do not need our brother’s or friend’s money. We have self-esteem.

We try to till earth and produce chemical free vegetables from our backyard.  There is nothing to match when it comes to consuming one’s own produce.

Grow Horizontally… Not Vertically…

In vertical growth, one will have goals. To achieve those goals, he/she must climb up the ladder and focus on mastering others. On the contrary, horizontal growth is all about mastering oneself. Former may generate money, power and fame, but the latter generate a great value which will emanate from us to our family, to our friends and ultimately to the society. After all, it is the sides of the mountain that sustain life, not the peak.

Pain is inevitable – Enjoy it

Is it easy to practice what we preach? Of course, Not! But, we must do it for us, for our family and the sake of our society.

Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. John 12:24. Holy Bible

Professor C Mamachen