Save an Alcoholic

Alcoholism is the inability to control drinking due to both physical and emotional dependence on alcohol. Causes for Alcoholism are Genes, Environment and Psycology.

An interesting Outcome, a noble Twist and a Turn

MADYAMUKTHI family had a get together this Christmas at Mandirams, Manganam. Around 100 families of once alcoholics came together to attend talks on topics relevant to them. Talks were followed by a sumptuous lunch. Post lunch, there was a group discussion for “once alcoholics” and their spouses. Participants of group discussion were divided into 4 […]

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Freedom from Alcohol – A New Beginning

Saying No to Alcohol is a big decision and a great achievement. Attending MADYAMUKTHI meetings; promising not to take alcohol anymore on every single day and sharing witness to alcoholics & fellow beings should be the way of life of every “once alcoholic”. But, Is that all? No! it is Not. It is just a […]

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Updates from “Once Alcoholics” @ MADYAMUKTHI

We “once alcoholics” at MADYAMUKTHI are very ordinary people like many of you, but we have experienced the nadir of human dignity. Nevertheless, we are proud that we left our wayward habit or say alcoholism for the sake of ourselves, our family and society. And, we do take an immense pleasure in bringing up many an […]

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