Save an Alcoholic

Alcoholism is the inability to control drinking due to both physical and emotional dependence on alcohol. Causes for Alcoholism are Genes, Environment and Psycology.

“once alcoholic” Jeemon’s testimonial

Narrated on 05-06-2016 .

My Name is Jeemon. I am from Puthuppally. I am an alcoholic. Due to God’s grace, fellowship of Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) and your prayers, I have not consumed alcohol today.I am repeating the same sentence for the past 270 days.My life was a very difficult one, I was like a mad person, wretched and senseless. I was hated by my wife, neighbours, relatives, friends and society. When I look back, each and every moment of my life then was scary. God had mercy on me – Mamachen Sir met me and influenced me on 15th June, 2014 and since then I live a purposeful life. I am recovering all I had lost. I am able to love my wife, children, relatives and neighbours.

Earlier, there was never a single day, my father and mother had not cry for me. My wife was crying since the day I married her. I never cared for their tears then. Now that I live a life close to God, I understand that all I did in the past were wrong. I live a happy prayerful life, counting each day in peace. I want all of you to pray for me to continue this joyful life. I will also pray for all alcoholics and their families.