Save an Alcoholic

Alcoholism is the inability to control drinking due to both physical and emotional dependence on alcohol. Causes for Alcoholism are Genes, Environment and Psycology.

“once alcoholic” Siju’s testimonial

Narrated on 05-06-2016 .

I am Siju from Puthuppally. I am an alcoholic. Because of God’s immense grace and fellowship of Alcoholic Anonymous (AA), I have not consumed alcohol today. I am repeating this statement “I have not used alcohol today” for last 1 year, 11 months and 8 days.I was drinking for 17 years before this period. I lost my first house and land due to alcohol abuse. The last 7 years of those 17 years  were very bad and I was about to sell our second house. At this stage, most respected Mamachen Sir came to our house and talked about abstaining from alcohol. Thereafter, I quit alcohol for a month to start again from 22nd April 2014 and it was so severe that I started drinking from morning 5:00 AM till 11:00PM at night. However, due to infinite grace of God, I was able to stop drinking alcohol from 24th June 2014. I am living happily for past 710 days. There is happiness and peace in my home.

I have been in government service for 21 years. The first 4 years of service were without alcohol. Slowly the drinking habit crept in and eventually, I was drinking without going for duty, not even a single day in a week. I used to tell my family that I am going to work and go straight to the toddy parlour or bar. There were calls from office to home enquiring about my whereabouts. Alcohol had made me an outcaste for my family and friends.

For last 710 days, by God’s grace, I lead a happy family life. Kids are very happy. Me and my family try to be part of the fellowship all 7 days a week. I request you to pray for me to continue this blissful life. I will also pray for you and here ends my testimonial.